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NOTE: Beast, VIXX and Bangtan based

that feeling when you’re about to sneeze but then it goes away

141015 ‘ERROR' Comeback Stage - ken


for 5 years 6 members of BEAST were 1

2009 Bad Girl → 2014 Good Luck.


Beast: October 16, 2009 (Debut) - Present 

Happy 5th anniversary Beast ❤️ Many more wonderful years to come with b2uties on your side.


1827 DAYS

43848 HOURS

2630880 MINUTES.


Its been 5 years since you guys debuted and its really heart-warming to see how far you guys have come to now from being called a recycled group just merely five years ago. Even though its already 5 years since your debut, you guys still bear the mindset of a rookie and stayed humble and that’s definitely one of the reason why you guys made it. You guys have great teamwork, brothers and not just members, splitting the income equally despite at some point of time, some members are doing more schedules than the rest, but you think it’s the right thing to do and is happy that its being split equally. Regardless of who is having their solo activities, be it musicals, dramas, etc. you guys would support each other and cheer each other on. You guys always think of us first, never failing to thank us every single performance and working hard just to give us the best, even to the extent of intense practices and sleepless nights. These are not all but most importantly, lets walk together, beastxb2uties, til the very end. Thank you for coming into our lives.  

Happy 5th Anniversary Beast! 

beautiful as always