Hey you, what’s your dream?
What are you guys most confident about? "I can eat a tiny chocolate bar deliciously. I can express my feelings through sounds and facial expressions. I can eat it really deliciously." - v

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NOTE: Beast, VIXX and Bangtan based
the strong bond between n and eunkwang =u=
can’t believe they used that pic of n lmao
Taehyung - for my dear Dia

our alien, Kim Taehyung ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ


9 reasons why I (and we should all) love Lee Changseob.

Happy birthday to the weird king of BTOB, Lee Changseob. Thank you for being, well, you. Over the 2 years that I have been with BTOB, there was never a day where you made me laugh until my tummy hurt. There was never a day where I watched BTOB videos and wanted to face-palm myself. There was never a day where I catch myself smiling like an idiot because of you. Your bright and shining personality is one of the many things about you that I admire deeply, so please, don't stop acting like yourself. Even when you and the other members are facing hard times, don't stop smiling; don't stop cracking jokes; don't stop loving us Melodies.
Be it the past, present or future, I will always love you, Lee Changseob.
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It’s an oldie, but oh dear lord is it a goodie.